The following are selected podcasts. 

How should Joe Biden handle Vladimir Putin?

The Economist: Checks and Balance

Biden Administration Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

WYNC Studios The Takeaway

U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Russia For Election Meddling, Hacking


Fmr. Ambassador Michael McFaul on U.S.-Russia Relations

Sirius XM: Press Pool with Julie Mason

Estonia's Shelter with Fmr. Ambassador Michael McFaul

The Tallinn University Podcast

Blunt talk in US-Russia relations

PRI's The World

Biden Administration Should Strike a Deal with Iran

FSI Stanford

Democracy in Peril


Alexey Navalny and Protests in Russia, with Ambassador Michael McFaul

Global Dispatches

Biden Administration Should Aim to Bring Positive Change to a Tense U.S.-Russia Relationship

FSI Stanford