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Amb. McFaul: Putin’s Ukraine war comparison is disgusting

MSNBC The Last Word

Why all Americans have a stake in what happens in Ukraine next


Today, the world marks the tragic anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The good news is that Ukraine won the first year of this war. The bad news is that the war continues, with no plans from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to retreat or negotiate. He’s playing a long game, expecting the collective West to eventually lose interest. We cannot allow that to happen. Indeed, it is in America’s interest to stay the course and help Ukraine achieve victory.

What’s next for Ukraine in its war with Russia following the promise of tanks from the U.S. and Germany?


We need a big bang approach against Russia with weapons, sanctions, more

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Significance of Viktor Bout’s freedom

MSNBC American Voices

Amb. McFaul: Freeing Americans Detained In Russia Shouldn’t Be Politicized

MSNBC The Last Word

'Really Hard Choice': Biden Admin Faced Tough Decisions in Griner Release Exchange

MSNBC Alex Wagner Tonight

Michael McFaul: Designating Moscow As Terrorism Sponsor Won’t Prevent US From Talking to Russia

Voice of America

Amb. McFaul: Strikes on Ukrainian cities ‘served no military objective.’ It was ‘personal’ to Putin.

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

All eyes on Ukraine amid latest string of military victories

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