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Russians flee Putin's desperate draft operation to bolster failing Ukraine invasion

MSNBC Alex Wagner Tonight

McFaul: Putin Is ‘Trying To Scare The West’ With Nuclear Threats

NBC News

Putin doubles down on war despite internal resistance


Tide appears to be turning in Ukraine's war against Russia


«Ни один россиянин не обладает правом посещать Диснейленд»: о пошлинах для выезжающих из Росси

TV Rain

Amb. McFaul: Mikhail Gorbachev was ‘one of the most important figures of the 20th century’

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

20220823 總統接見美國史丹福大學胡佛研究所「臺灣在印太地區計畫」專家學者訪問團

Office of the President | Republic of China (Taiwan)

Full McFaul and Stavridis: The Russians are ‘dug in’ as Ukraine war enters new phase

MSNBC Meet the Press

Why Putin Invaded Ukraine | Policy Stories


McFaul: Viktor Bout Is A Bad Guy, But Swap For Griner, Whelan Serves U.S. Interests

MSNBC Morning Joe