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January 1, 1994

Why Russia's Politics Matter | The Nightmare That Wasn't

Foreign Affairs

The results of Russia's first post-communist election in December 1993 sent a shock wave through the world. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the nationalist demagogue of the Liberal Democratic Party, captured almost a quarter of the vote. The pro-reform bloc, Russia's Choice, came away with 15 percent. Provoked by this dramatic outcome, Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin promised a new economic course, declaring that the election market "the end of market romanticism". 

April 1, 1992

A Tale of Two Worlds: Core and Periphery in the Post-Cold War Era

International Organization

With James M. Goldgeier | As the world moves away from the familiar bipolar cold war era, many international relations theorists have renewed and old debate about which is more stable: a world with two great power or a world with many great powers. Based on the chief assumptions of structural realism (...), some security analysts are predicting that a world of several great powers will return to the shifting alliances and instabilities of the multipolar era that existed prior to World War II.