The following are selected interviews. For more media appearances go to Michael McFaul's Youtube channel

State Media, Social Media, and the Conflict in Ukraine: What Should the Platforms Do?

FSI Stanford

Russia – Ukraine Conflict: Analysis and Outlook

Washington Speakers Bureau

McFaul: We need to brace ourselves; there's more horror to come

MSNBC Morning Joe

Ukraine & Russia: Julia Ioffe and Professor Michael McFaul, PhD Break It Down | Hell & High Water

The Recount

Former ambassador to Russia, Mike McFaul, on Vladimir Putin changing strategy of Ukraine invasion

Katie Couric

While celebrating unity and hope, Biden also foreshadows Russian brutality in Ukraine

MSNBC Rachel Maddow

McFaul: When dictators hold on for too long, they overreach

MSNBC Morning Joe

Amb. Michael McFaul: War in Ukraine is ‘a fight for the future of freedom’

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

Ukraine Panel: ‘We Need To Continue To Support The Resistance’ In Ukraine

NBC News

World community presents united front to stop Russia’s war with Ukraine

MSNBC American Voices