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Ovechkin and McFaul

Goodbye to my fearless friend, Alexei Navalny

Michael shares a few memories about his friend Alexei Navalny.

'Russia loves their martyrs': Could Prigozhin's presumed death lead to another coup?

McFaul: Putin may have let Prigozhin live longer to find ‘traitors inside his government’

Former U.S. Amb. to Russia reacts to Russia state media report on Prigozhin

Fmr. ambassador to Russia ‘surprised’ Putin and Prigozhin met face-to-face

Ukraine’s counteroffensive ‘has been slow going’ but understand ‘this is war’

Fallout from Wagner Group’s failed uprising persists as President Biden heads to the NATO summit

Мятеж Пригожина и гостеприимство Лукашенко | ИТОГИ

Putin faces biggest challenge of his presidency

Full McFaul: Mutiny shows Putin might not be able to escalate Ukraine war

Zelenskyy: 'Bakhmut is only in our hearts'

Макфол - Гончаренко: Стол Байдена, Китай, Росатом, НАТО, Красные Линии, Кремль, Парад

Санкции должны остановить эту войну | Майкл Макфол

McFaul: Wagner group leader may be posturing for a political future

Amb. McFaul: Alleged drone attack was ‘not an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin’

Amb. McFaul: Evan Gershkovich’s release will be decided ‘politically,’ not ‘in a court of law’

Putin will be ‘haunt(ed) for the rest of his life’ by warrant, former ambassador says

Russian fighter jet collides with U.S. drone

Amb. McFaul: Putin ‘doesn’t care about slaughtering his people’ as 1,100 Russians dead in Bakhmut

Former US Ambassador on the Future of Russia and the West's Perspective on the War

Former US Ambassador Michael McFaul spoke to Ekaterina Kotrikadze at the Munich Security Conference. They discussed the presence of Russian opposition voices at the conference, the possible disconnect between Ukraine and the West on the timeline and resources required for the war, the current Western attitude towards Russia, and the possible scenarios that might lead to the end of the conflict.

Michael McFaul: Trip to Ukraine is a 'brilliant move' by Biden

Amb. McFaul: Putin’s Ukraine war comparison is disgusting

Why Vladimir Putin’s Luck Ran Out

For twenty years, the Russian autocrat enjoyed a string of good fortune in coming to power and cementing his rule. He had raised Russia’s standing in the world. Then he invaded Ukraine.

How to Get a Breakthrough in Ukraine | The Case Against Incrementalism

Nearly a year after he invaded Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed to achieve any of his major objectives. He has not unified the alleged single Slavic nation, he has not “denazified” or “demilitarized” Ukraine, and he has not stopped NATO expansion. Instead, the Ukrainian military kept Russian troops out of Kyiv, defended Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, and launched successful counteroffensives in the fall so that by the end of 2022, it had liberated over 50 percent of the territory previously captured by Russian soldiers that year. In January, Putin removed the

What’s next for Ukraine in its war with Russia following the promise of tanks from the U.S. and Germany?

We need a big bang approach against Russia with weapons, sanctions, more

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Putinism?

The Russian president will never recover from his disastrous war in Ukraine.

Significance of Viktor Bout’s freedom

Amb. McFaul: Freeing Americans Detained In Russia Shouldn’t Be Politicized

'Really Hard Choice': Biden Admin Faced Tough Decisions in Griner Release Exchange

Michael McFaul: Designating Moscow As Terrorism Sponsor Won’t Prevent US From Talking to Russia

EXPLAINER: How real are Putin's nuclear threats in Ukraine?

EXPLAINER: How real are Putin's nuclear threats in Ukraine?

Words to the Wise 2022 – Fireside Chat with Prof. Michael McFaul and Prof. Mark Lemley

Putin escalated his invasion of Ukraine after a string of his supposed partners snubbed him over the war

Putin's Allies Laying Groundwork for Expanding War, Former Ambassador Says

Ukraine 'Humiliating' Putin as Russians Flee in Retreat: Former Ambassador

УКАЗ ПРЕЗИДЕНТА УКРАЇНИ №595/2022: Про відзначення державними нагородами України

Former US ambassador to Russia says he doesn't see Putin recovering from his mistakes in the Ukraine war

McFaul Lays Out Putin's Ukraine Failures: 'I Don't See Him Recovering'