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In the Media

Ovechkin and McFaul
January 2, 2020

How Russia saw Trump: ‘A potential asset and an exploitable victim’

The Washington Post
December 29, 2019

Meet the Press - December 29, 2019

NBC Meet the Press
December 29, 2019

Ex-Diplo McFaul Warns Against US Alliance With 'Ideology' of Putin

December 29, 2019

Searching for truth in an era of 'alternative facts': Disinformation in the age of Trump

NBC News
December 28, 2019

Former Marine jailed in Moscow marks one year in Russian detention

The Washington Times
December 26, 2019

Republicans Try to Re-Write History With Lies

The Washington Monthly
December 23, 2019

Putin’s Russia, Punching Above Its Weight, Keeps Adversaries Off Balance

The New York Times
December 20, 2019

WaPo: Fmr. WH officials say Putin influenced Trump view on Ukraine

MSNBC Ari Velshi
December 18, 2019

Russia expert tells Morning Forum why U.S. reset didn't last

Los Altos Town Crier
December 16, 2019

Greetings, Friends! The New Yorker's 2019 Christmas Poem

The New Yorker
December 11, 2019

Conference in U.S. Capitol reaffirms bipartisan support for Ukraine

Kyiv Post
December 10, 2019

Trump meets Russia’s top diplomat amid scrap over election interference

The Washington Post
December 10, 2019

Trump meets with Russian official after Dems unveil impeachment articles charging him with Kremlin-boosting plot

New York Daily News
December 10, 2019

Michael McFaul: ‘No reason’ for Trump’s meeting with Russia FM Lavrov

MSNBC Hardball
December 4, 2019

Barack Obama's ambassador to Russia calls out Fox News host Tucker Carlson for defending Putin

December 3, 2019

Michael McFaul tackles Russian-American relations with Los Angeles Community

The Corsair | Santa Monica College News
November 26, 2019

How Russian President Vladimir Putin Emerged as a Winner in President Donald Trump's Impeachment Hearings

November 22, 2019

Former ambassadors recap a week of blockbuster testimonies

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports
November 21, 2019

Fiona Hill Viewed Serving Trump as Risky. Now She’s an Impeachment Witness.

The New York Times
November 20, 2019

Stanford Alumni Association presents 2019 Lyman Award to Michael McFaul

Stanford News
November 20, 2019

Sondland Sends Shockwaves With Opening Testimony: ‘Very Damaging’ to Many GOP Defenses

November 20, 2019

Trump's Impeachment Inquiring Messaging Expert Calls Sondland 'Short-term' Ambassador to Ukraine, but He is Ambassador to the EU

November 19, 2019

Donald Trump Appointed Gordon Sondland Because He Gave $1M to His Inauguration Party, Ex-Ambassador to Russia Says

November 18, 2019

Renee DiResta, Michael McFaul, Alex Stamos: How Russia will attack the 2020 election

Kyiv Post
November 18, 2019

Trump’s impeachment ire turns on Pompeo

MSNBC Velshi & Ruhle
November 17, 2019

Gordon Sondland, who flaunted Trump access, may offer first-hand account of Trump's Ukraine aims

USA Today
November 15, 2019

Here’s how Russia will attack the 2020 election. We’re still not ready.

Washington Post

Traditional and social media organizations must both prepare for an onslaught of Russian disinformation.

November 15, 2019

Trump tweets stun analysts, heighten hearing drama

Orlando Sentinel
November 15, 2019

Report: A Second Staffer Heard Trump Loudly Discussing Extorting Ukraine

Vanity Fair
November 14, 2019

Second U.S. official in Ukraine overheard Trump’s call with Sondland about need for ‘investigations’

New York Daily News
November 14, 2019

Experts say ambassador's call to Trump from Ukraine was 'insane' security breach

Shareblue Media
November 14, 2019

Latest example of Trump’s security breaches is described as ‘insane’

November 14, 2019

Former Ambassador to Ukraine next to testify publicly

MSNBC Deadline White House
November 13, 2019

‘Pragmatic progressive’: Susan Rice calls for national unity

The Stanford Daily
November 13, 2019

What Next: Impeachment Goes Public

November 13, 2019

KnowThis: The 5 Biggest Bombs From The Impeachment Hearing

Now This
November 13, 2019

Ambassador’s cellphone call to Trump from Kyiv restaurant was a stunning breach of security, former officials say

The Washington Post
November 12, 2019

Trump’s Contempt for True Professionals

The New York Times
November 11, 2019

Secretary Pompeo dodges the impeachment spotlight

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports
November 4, 2019

Foreign Policy: Putin lost his African great game before he started